Dhami Firing

Dhami Firing(Dhami Goli Kand) in HP-1939

Dhami Firing (Dhami Satyagrah)in HP-1939

Dhami Firing

Dhami firing in the history of Himachal Pradesh is known as the black chapter of the state. Dhami was a small princely state under Rana rule. The ruler of the Dhami princely state was Rana Dalip Singh during that time. In order to raise voice against the freedom struggle and the rule of the kings, this state was in the news in the whole country due to the incident of Dhami firing in Dhami princely state in 1939. After this, a committee was also formed to investigate this shootout.

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Dhami Princely State

In Shimla Hills princely states, Dhami princely state was such a princely state that it did not remain under any other state or princely state. The king of Dhami princely state is a descendant of Prithvi Raj Chauhan of Delhi. Spread over 70 square kilometers, the capital of this princely state was Halog and Dhami was the most majestic and famous king of the state, Dalip Singh. He ruled from 1908 to 1987. After this Raja Pratap Singh ascended the throne and ruled from 1987 to 2008.

Demands of Dhami Riyasati Praja Mandal

Prem Pracharini Sabha Dhami’ was formed in 1937 in a Dhami led by Sita Ram. On 13 July 1939, Prem Pracharini Sabha Dhami was changed to ‘Dhami Riyasati Praja Mandal’. So Dhami Satygrah was started and there was a long agitation against the oppressive policies of Rana. This gathering had 3 main demands –

1. End of forced labor. (End of Begar)

2. Reduction in land revenue (tax).

3. Recognition of Dhami Praja Mandal.

These Demands were not accepted but rejected by the Raja Dalip Singh Rana.

Dhami Satyagrah

On 16 July 1939, a delegation of about 1500 people led by Bhagmal Southa traveled to Dhami to get their say. But before reaching Dhami, Bhagmal Southa was arrested in the middle of the route Ghanahatti.

Who Ordered to Shoot at Dhami ?

After the arrest of the chief Bhagmal Southa, there was anger among the people. The revolutionaries proceeded towards the Rana of Dhami, with the baton baton of the police. Raja Dalip Singh Rana was frightened by the mob and gave orders for firing. This was the first incident in the history of Himachal. Two people, Mr. Uma Dutt and Mr. Durga Singh were killed in the Dhami shootout.

Gandhi’s Reaction to Dhami Firing

After the Dhami shootout, a team led by Raj Kumari Amrik Kaur, Sita Ram and Bhaskar Nand met Gandhi-Nehru. After which the attention of national leaders went towards this hill state.

Gandhi and Nehru also condemned the incident. A committee was also formed for this later. The Dhami Goli incident was an unprecedented incident in the mountains. This incident was condemned on the national level. Punjab’s lawyer Duni Chand was appointed by the Indian National Congress to investigate the incident. Mahatma Gandhi constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Punjab’s famous lawyer Duni Chand to investigate the entire scandal.

Meanwhile, Raja Dhami and the British government together tried to crush the movement by passing orders like arrests of Prajamandal activists, attachment of their belongings and taking out the country. Such decision increased the people’s anger against the king in the whole state. Seeing this, the then king called a contingent of the British Army to Dhami, the headquarters of the princely state. The Prajamandal and the houses of the Swarajis were sealed. The settlement scandal in 1941 was a revolt against the British in the same series.

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