Computer GK-– These MS EXCEL questions are very important for JOA, Clerk , Bank Clerk, Insurance, SO and other exam where one’s computer knowledge is tested. In this article important questions are given those can be asked in different competitive examinations.


Q: Which of the following SUM function in Excel ?
(a) =SUM (A1, B2)
(b) =SUM (A3, B5)
(c) SUM (A2:A9, B1:B9)
(d) SUM (A1:A9, B1:B9)

Ans: SUM (A1:A9, B1:B9)

Q: which of the following shortcut key to hide entire column ?
(a) CTRL + H
(b) CTRL + N
(c) CTRL + –
(d) CTRL + 0

Ans: CTRL + 0

Q: How to Find any data in in MS Excel Sheets?
(a) Alt+Ctrl
(b) Ctrl+u
(c) Ctrl+t
(d) Ctrl+F

Ans: Ctrl+F

Q: What is shortcut key for replace data?
(a) Alt+O
(b) Ctrl+H
(c) Ctrl+N
(d) Ctrl+Y

Ans: Ctrl+H

Q: Which functionin Excel tells how many numeric entries are there ?
(b) NUM
(d) None of These


Q: what is fourmulla for saving excel file
(a) Ctr+Alt+t
(b) S
(c) Alt+s
(d) Ctrl+s

Ans: Ctrl+s

Q: Which one is not a Function in MS Excel ?
(a) AVG
(b) SUM
(c) MAX
(d) None of These

Ans: AVG

Q: Which key is used to edit a cell in Microsoft Excel?
(b)Ctr 4
(d)None of these
Ans: F2

Q: Which command is used to open the MS Word with the help of RUN window ?
(d) None of these

Ans:: Win-word

Q: in MS_Microsoft Excel default header for a worksheet is
(a)your name
(b)sheet tab name
(d)None of these
Ans: None of these

Q: in Microsoft Excel folloing term discribes explanatory text atteched to a cell ?
(a)call out
(d)None of these

Ans:  none

Q: What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column ?(a) ALT+Ctrl+Enter Key?
(b) Alt + Down Arrow
(c) Ctrl + Right Arrow
(d) Ctrl + Space Bar

Ans: Ctrl + Space Bar

Q: What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range ?
(a) F2
(b) F5
(c) F10
(d) F11

Ans: F11

Q: What is the shortcut key to insert current date in a cell ?
(a) CTRL + Enter
(b) Alt+N
(c) CTRL + ;
(d) Alt+R

Ans: CTRL + ;

Q: what is group of cells that form a rectablge on the screen ?

Ans:  comment

Q: MS Excel is a
(a) Spreadsheet Program
(b) Presentation Program
(c) Word Processing Program
(d) None of These

Ans: Spreadsheet Program

Q: What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called ?
(a) Value
(b) Address
(c) Cell
(d) None of These

Ans: Cell

Q: Formulas in Excel start with(a) &
(b) #
(c) +
(d) =

Ans: =

Q: What type of chart is useful for comparing vaues over categories ?
(a) Column Chart
(b) Line Chart
(c) Dot Graph
(d) None of These

Ans: Column Chart

Q: How to Create New workbook in MS Excel?
(a) N
(b) F2
(c) Ctrl+s
(d) Ctrl+N

Ans: Ctrl+N

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