One Liners on Modern India



One Liners on Modern India
Sr. No.QuestionsAnswers
1Guru Gobind Singh created ‘Khalsa’ on ______, at ______.30th March 1699, Anandpur
2Which was the first newspaper in India and when was it published?The Bengal Gazette, 1780
3Who advocated the ‘drain of wealth’ theory?Dadabhai Naoroji
4Who laid the foundation of railways in India?Lord Dalhousie
5Which Act put an end to the monopoly of the East India Company over the India Trade?Charter Acts of 1813
6English was introduced as medium of instruction in ______.1835
7First Indian railway train service from Bombay to Thane was started on ______.16th April, 1853
8British crown took over the Indian Government to end the rule of East India Company in the year ______.1858
9Rabindranath Tagore was born on ______.7th May 1861
10The date of Birth of M. K. Gandhi. is ______.2nd October 1869
11First war of Indian Independence, termed Sepoy Riots was attempted in ______.1857
12The first telegram line in India was started between ______.Agra and Calcutta.
13Who introduced the Widow Remarriage Act?Lord Dalhousie
14He was the first Viceroy of India and abolished The Doctrine of Lapse.Lord Cunning
15Who introduced The Vernacular Press Act, to curb the freedom of Indian Press?Lord Lytton
16Who was known as the father of Local Self Government?Lord Ripon
17Which Viceroys of India had passed the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act and Indian University Act in 1904?Lord Curzon
18Indian National Congress was formed in the year ______.1885
19The Minto Morley reforms also known as Indian Council Act was passed in ______ during the tenure of Lord Minto.1909
20The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on ______.13th April 1919
21Who passed the Government of India Act of 1919; popularly know as Montague Chelmsford reform?Lord Chelmsford
22Which famous freedom movement was started in the year 1920?Non-Cooperation movement, (Asahayog Andolan)
23Rowlatt Act, also called the Black Bill, was passed in ______.1919
24All India Muslim League was formed in the year ______.1906
25The event of first war of independence in India relates with which fact?Mangal Pandey killedtwo British sepoys at Barrackpore.
26The Simon commission visited India in 1928 during the reign of ______.Lord Irwin
27Civil Disobedience movement was started in India by ______.Mahatma Gandhi
28Irwin pact was signed in ______.1931
29The First Round Table Conference was held at ______.London
30In 1932 the Poona pact was signed between ______.Dr. B R Ambedker and Mahatma Gandhi

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